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Research Interests

My research interests fall in Urban Hydrology and Water Resource Management. These could be categorized in the following areas:


1- Regionalization of Flood Estimation

My main interest is mapping of the flood estimation, both regionalization and geostatistics methods. New developing methods such as Uni-variate L-moments and Multivariate L-m and copula will be used. GIS and Region of Influence Method could be coupled with the above methods


2- Risk Analysis of Natural Hazards for Management and Insurance

These include flood, low flow, extreme rainfall, wind, water pollution and earthquake. Geostatistics methods and regionalization techniques help us to estimate the hydrological and physical statistics in ungauged sites. Innovations including applications of Univariate L-moments and Multivariate L-moments, Copula. for the parameter zoning and including the effect of dependency are welcome.


3- Global Warming, Climate Parameter Variability and Climate Changes in Urban Area

In this way, the effect of land use change and urbanization on rainfall, runoff, evapotranspiration and in general on Climate Change could be investigated. Integrated urban water management is very important in a changing environment. Due to this fact that adaptation to climate change is a new focus of IPCC, the new and optimum strategies in urban environment play a key role toward urban sustainable development.


4- Developing New Drought Indices with emphasize on urban water management

Many drought indices have been developed for water management in dry periods. But, these indices have some deficiencies regarding types of included variables and their combinations.


5-Sustainable development of Water Resources using Water Reuse

Artificial recharge modeling with emphasis on water quality along with constructed wetlands is encouraged to be investigated in depth. Surface Water and Groundwater Interaction could be studied using new softwares such as GROUNDWATER VISTA and HYDROGEOSPHERE.

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