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Research Projects

Selected Undergoing Projects

1. Studying the impact of global warming on the Kingdom of Jordan using the GIS, Royal Jordanian Geography Center College, Al-Balqa Applied University, Jordan

2. Feasibility of reclaimed water reuse for industrial uses in Esfahan Oil Refining Company, Esfahan Oil Refining Company, Esfahan, Iran.

3. Microclimate zoning of Isfahan city and investigation of microclimate effect on air temperature, relative humidity and reference crop evapotranspiration.

4. Feasibility of using constructed wetland for urban wastewater.

5. Feasibility study of cloud seeding for obtaining water in drought situation under climate change in Esfahan province.

6. Distance Mentor of  project SICRISA (Support to Improve Climate Research and Information Systems in South Asia) Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex UK.


 Previous Projects

1. Multivariate Linear Moments for low flow analysis of the rivers in the north-eastern USA

2. Assessment of potential contaminant of Landfill on Isfahan water resources

3. Assessment of reclaimed wastewater irrigation impacts on some crops, soil physics, soil chemical properties, soil pollution and groundwater resources

4. Assessment of nitrate contamination in groundwater of Isfahan

5.  Time series forecasting of rainfall in Isfahan

6. Disjoint grouping to determine the climatic regions of Iran

7. Determining the relationships of  intensity, duration, frequency and direction of winds

8. Determining the amount of flooding and runoff in urban areasof Isfahan

9. Application of Linear Moment to analyze frequency of floods in the central basin of Iran

10. Regional flood analysis and studying characteristics of the catchments in Isfahan province

11. Improving water use efficiency of  landscapes and green spaces in Isfahan

12. Design, manufacturing and automatic calibration in water delivery systems for irrigation

13. Water quality and quantity monitoring of  Khersan  river  and tributary

14. Investigating  morphology,  erosion and sedimentation of  the river (A case study on the rivers of west Mazandaran)

15. Supplementary  study of erosion, sedimentation and river morphology of the Taleghan river  and tributary



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